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Work @ Krida.Fans

This blog is collection of Minor Tasks or Improvements Done on Krida.Fans Platform.

FACT: I worked on 13 Items so far.

Context: I left the Krida.Fans as Part-time on April 2024, and I joined them on Hourly Freelance Bases Note: FT0# ( Freelance Task # number )

FT06 : Krida.Fans 2.0 Website

Context: Platform was Pay to Earn, now they are shifting to Compete to Earn.

FT05 : Leaderboard Filter

Context: Adding new filters for Leaderboard, Community and Game Point based

FT04 : Gameboard Tabel

Context: As we have in IPL or any game, Showing Gametabel with teams and there Wins & Looses

FT03 : NFT Open View

Context: Open view for Player NFT

FT02 : Team Change

Context: Multiple Player Team Change View.

FT01 : Upcoming Gameweek

Context: Filter to show Upcoming Gameweek.


As Part-time Designer I worked on Following things. Starting from March 2023

Task 01 : Thank you page.

The objective of this Thank you Page design is to give confirmation to the user, and next make them do other task like, sharing there team to there friends and upgrade to a premium membership.

Task 02 : Showing Teams Lineup

Next task for me was to make a section to show teams competing in the Gameweek for the users so that they can see the lineup and the formation of the team with in that section.

Task 03 : Sharing Leaderboard

In this task, created a model to share the score.

Task 04 : Bulk Payment + New Home

In this Task i worked on adding a upgrade button to the home page and a way to let people know about the new things that are been added to the platform.

As solution added a slider to the home page. Next thing is to add a upgrade button and little differentiating look than non pro user.

That is Bulk payment was a normal addition to the previous payment options.

Task 05 : Upgrade to Pro

In This Task is add-on to the previous task. A way to show Pro user and How they can upgrade.

Task 06 : Player Info Screen.

Player info was little congested before and needed a different look and a way to show more data.

Used Mobile First Approach.

In the process, i well enjoyed the process of creating tool tip.

Task 07 : Create Team Screen

Creating Team UI was not looking good so Tweaked it a little as per the colours.

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