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Work @ CryptoPool

My First Product Design Is Shipped to First 1K Users WorldWide.

Once upon a time, in the land of India, there was a startup called They had a big dream to revolutionize the way people pay using cryptocurrencies. Their mission was to create an easy-to-use and user-friendly platform for merchants to integrate crypto ways for their users to pay.

The story of how I got involved with is an interesting one. I was a member of a WhatsApp group called the Dubai Crypto Group, where I posted about my design services. Soon enough, Aviral, the founder of, reached out to me.

We had a call and started the first phase of the work. The first task was to research the existing service-providing companies, such as Moonpay, which was the major starting point. As a designer, I tried the Moonpay application, and while it was good, it was not easy to use in terms of functionality, which caused some friction.

I started working on the design part, keeping the friction points in mind. There were two parts to the application: the merchant app and the admin desktop application. Aviral had a basic sketch of how a merchant could integrate Cryptopool into their application and let users pay using crypto.

I started working on the design and after two iterations, came up with a design that was easy to use and intuitive. Next up was the main task of creating a user-friendly mobile app for merchants. After ten iterations, I ended up with my first best mobile app design.

👆 Merchant Integrated CryptoPool API Button, In there Marketplace App.

👆 Merchant Mobile App Glimpse.

Building the mobile app first gave me a great lead on building the desktop app. I noted down that when designing, it's always better to start with the mobile version first. After 1.5 months of designing and the next two months coordinating with the developers to make changes, we spent a total of 3.5 months to complete the project.

👆 Merchant Admin App.

All the time and effort that we invested in building this product was worth it. Recently, went into beta testing, and we are hopeful that it will succeed and serve millions of people.

This was my first milestone of building a Web3 product, and I couldn't be more proud. I would love to know your thoughts on the design. In conclusion, working with was a thrilling experience, and I am excited to see how the product will perform in the market.

The lesson learned from this project is to always start with the mobile version first when designing an application.

Thank you.

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