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I am




Product designer

I specialize in designing functional
Web3 Products.

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I have been part of the Web3 since 2019, working with multiple startups in payment, creative and gaming industries.
As an active member of Superteam,
I recently learned about Portal.

Considering my previous experience with payments, I believe I can be the best fit for Portal's design requirements.

Here are my skills that will be useful for Portal.

Previously, I worked on a freelance project for designing their end-to-end payment application for a B2B client.

Building Web3 Payment Gateway

Beta tag.png
Crypto Dashboard.png

Let's Dive in, and Find Synergies:

Designing a Merchant Store Integration Experience

Crypto Checkout.png

API Button on the merchant store helps buyers pay with cryptocurrency.

Payment Gateway.png

On click, this screen loads within the app or web, allowing users to select the currency they want to pay with.

Crypto QR.png

Once selected, users can scan and pay or copy the address and pay.

Merchant App Experience

Merchant Home Screen.jpg

Merchant Home Screen: Provides an overview of everything.

Crypto Web & Tab.jpg

Web App for Merchants: Quick access and in-depth operation view.

Live Product Demo

Here are some explanatory slides of the flow:

User Paying.jpg

User buying items on the merchant store or app.


Merchant receiving payment.

Merchant Getting Payment.jpg
Merchant Withdrawing.jpg

Merchant withdrawing the amount to their wallet.

My design was also featured as the Best Crypto App Design.

Seems interesting, right? Read more about it on my blog.


So, that's the wrap!

Fact: When applying, I see 100+ applications. My shot to apply and win should be something unique, so I made this personalized proposal page for you.

One strong reason I can deliver what is required for Portal to stand out is my previous experience and clean designs.

-Yamparala Rahul

Giving it my best shot and excited to
work with you soon. Thank you.

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