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About project

SwagFit is a personalized fitness app for online workouts based on AI for Indian Market.


No opportunity to train in the gym.

Lack of knowledge, supervision, and assistance.

No visible result.

My Role

  • User Research

  • User Interview

  • Competitor Analysis

  • User Flow Design

  • Sketching & Designing of Home, Register, Workout Screen, Workout Video and Payment Screen


Opportunity to train online anytime and anywhere, with a clear but flexible plan and schedule.

AI-based exercise tracking gives the ability to track activity and collect data from other devices.

My Approach

Design Process.png

Discover Phase

User Research

We conducted a survey for quantitative research in which 45 people participated. we asked some questions and got some valid points that should be involved in designing this app. 

What's your age and gender?
Do you follow any workout plans?
How much exercise do you do each day?
Suggestions for app features and what they dislike in other apps?

User Interview 


People were involved in the survey. These people are from different fields of activity, and age categories and with different experiences.

Points from Interview

  • Many people need more explicit motivation like a free week with regular training, discounts in partner stores

  • People constantly forget to make adjustments to personal data such as weight and other, which can help the app to make the experience better

Competitor Analysis

The purpose of a competitor analysis is to understand your competitors' strengths and weaknesses in comparison to our own and to find a gap in the market

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Competitor review.png

Define Phase

User Persona

Persona 2.png
Persona 1.png

Ideate Phase

User Flow

4 Main Screens,
3 Analytical Sections,
2 Calendar Sections and
3 Membership Options

User Flow.png

Design Phase


Sketch 1.jpg
Sketch 2.jpg

High fidelity wireframe

Home Screen.png


Home Screen

Workout Schedule.png
Workout Video.png
Profile Screen.png
Payment Done.png

Workout Screen

Workout Video

Profile Screen

Payment Screen

Payment Done

Final Screens

Registration Screen.png
Home Screen.png
Workout Screen.png
Workout Video.png
Profile Screen.png


Home Screen

Workout Screen

Workout Video

Profile Screen

Payment Screen.png
Payment Done.png

Payment Screen

Payment Done

Component Design

Login Ways.png
Sleep Box.png
Heart Box.png
Bottom Nav.png
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