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Level Up Your Design Career with Expert Help

Level Up Your Design Career with Expert Help

Portfolio Audit

24+ Audits Done

Recorded Session

Detailed PDF

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Resume Audit

50 resumes reviewed

Recorded Session

Recruter Perspective

Interview Prep

30+ Interviews taken

Whiteboard Round

Assignment Round

Case Study Review

Web App Audit

Built 6 end to end Web Apps

Mobile App Audit

Built 12+ mobile apps of B2C


Built 12+ mobile apps of B2C

We’ll work together every biweekly to help reach your goals

Why me ?

Hey there, I'm Yamparala Rahul! I got into design back in 2019 during the COVID pandemic when I was in my second year of B.Tech. Since then, I've been hooked! I started with social media designs, then moved on to web design, web app design, mobile design, and now, I specialize in UX and Product design.

I've worked on over 37 projects in different fields like web development, healthcare, gaming, education, and more. Along the way, I've also made YouTube videos about design and helped four people land cool design jobs.


Web & Mobile Apps

Apart from aesthetics, I focus on Making sure that the apps I design meet user needs and feel like magic. My app designs helped companies raise millions, accelerate their growth, and validate their ideas with speed-oriented MVPs.

Pixel-perfect, Usable and development-ready design with documentation

Average time to complete designs: 3-4 weeks

Average project cost: $1,000 - $ 5,000

Price in INR: 84,000 to 3,40,000



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