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Working on Data Visualisation

Updated: Nov 15

From the last week i am working on a dashboard for a medical product called ( EHR ) at Detrix.

this dashbaord will be accessible through Tab. So need to design taking the size of the tab.

While on this process, below design is my first iteration.

During this time following are some reference sites i am going through.

Data to Viz, ( )

This site helps in understanding different types of data and what type can be shown on your design.

Taking inspirations from other sites is important, as i was working on my site. I came across this activity section, which shows the numbers + a Visualisation of it past numbers.

So let's see how it comes up applied on the design.

So as you can see, it looks good, comparison with before this sets well with overall dashboard and helps the user too.

Below you can see side by side, how it changed.

Next we used ChatGPT for more ideas on what we can provide to our Patient and Doctors app. here is screenshot of it.

Here what i am doing is to mark what elements we already have are in green, and yellow ones are which we need to brainstorm and work upon.

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