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Whatsapp Poll Feature Design 2022

Updated: Mar 26

Have you ever wanted to create a poll on WhatsApp, but found it difficult to keep track of everyone's responses? Well, you're not alone. In fact, I had the same problem earlier this year, which led me to design my own concept for a WhatsApp poll feature.

Link to Experience* the app - ClickonMe *Open it on Desktop or on Figma App

My goal was to create a simple and intuitive interface that would allow users to create and share polls with ease. I started by sketching out some basic wireframes, experimenting with different layouts and designs until I found one that felt right.

Then, I moved on to creating a digital prototype, using tools like Figma to bring my vision to life. I tested the prototype with a few friends and received some valuable feedback, which helped me refine the design even further.

The final result was a clean and user-friendly poll feature that allowed users to create polls with multiple options and share them with individuals or groups. The design also included features like real-time results, so users could see how their poll was performing, and the ability to delete or edit a poll after it had been created.

But the best part? On November 16th, WhatsApp released their own poll feature, which shared many similarities with my own design concept. It was great to see that my vision for a user-friendly poll feature was in line with what WhatsApp had come up with.

To showcase my design process and prototype, I created a video journey that takes you through the steps I took to create the feature. From sketching out wireframes to designing the digital prototype, I wanted to share my journey and inspire other designers to take their own ideas and bring them to life.

Prototype Video

So, if you're interested in creating your own WhatsApp poll feature, or just curious about the design process, check out the video below. Who knows, maybe one day your design concept will inspire the next big feature on WhatsApp!

Process Video

Thank You.


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