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Web Design Concepts

Hi, Following are some my 2021 Web Designs i did for various use-cases and sectors. Explore and Enjoy, Do give feedback in comment section. Thanks.

Superteam Security Site Design By Yamparala Rahul
Superteam Security Site Website Design by Yamparala Rahul Chess Learning Platform

Sports Site Design by Yamparala Rahul
Sports Store Web Site

Sneaker Store Website Design By Yamparala Rahul
Sneaker Store Design

Hr website design by yamparala rahul
Platoz Site Design

Hackathon Design by Yamparala Rahul
Girls Hackathon Website Design

Portfolio Site design by Yamparala Rahul
Portfolio site Design

Pet Store Design by Yamparala Rahul
Pet Store Design Website design by Yamparala Rahul Website


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