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Site Improvement Log

Updated: 5 days ago

Hi this blog is log sheet of site improvements on

Thursday 11 July, 3:51 pm

New Page designed and created to apply for Web3 Fintech companies. First shot for company Portal.

Webpage design by yamparala for job at web3 portal
Webpage for Portal Job

Sat 1 June, 3:51 pm

New section added to the Home Page with achievements so far.

Achievements by Yamparala Rahul
Achievements Section on Home Page

Thu 30 May, 6.20 pm

UI Improvements and Figma link is changed to Images, as the load time is high.

Sat 25 May, 4.10 pm Hero Section Content Change and New Contact Page Added

Contact Page Design and Dev by Yamparala Rahul
Contact Page of Yamparala.Design

Sun 14 Apr, 9 am Hero Section Clean up for Better and quick Understanding of the portfolio

Hero Section Design by Yamparala Rahul Hero Section

Sunday 31 March, 4:06 pm

Hero and Snapshot View Changed

Hero Section change by Yamparala Rahul
Hero section Change

About Me Section By Yamparala Rahul
About Me Section

Monday 25 March, 8:22 am

Added Thank you for Visiting Text at the Bottom of the site,

Tue 30 Jan, 5.41 pm Converted all the Design pages to Blogs

Blog page of
Blog Page


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