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Me & Web3 Football Fantasy Startup "Krida Fans"

Updated: Sep 28

Hi people, in this blog i will share my amazing works i did during freelance work at Krida.Fans

About Krida.Fans , it is online Fantasy football platform integrated with Web3 Concepts, it have it's own coin and rewards.

I joined as lead UX Designer on March 2023, and During the work Months. i worked on Main tasks

First Task: Thank you page.

The objective of this Thank you Page design is to give confirmation to the user, and next make them do other task like, sharing there team to there friends and upgrade to a premium membership.

so if you see the above design, the task is how we can show 3 section before the fold.

Second Task: Showing Teams Lineup

Next task for me was a crucial point for the, as they have section to show teams competing in the Gameweek but the users what to see the lineup and the formation of the team with in that section.

Third Task: Sharing Leaderboard

In this task, Krida wanted to focus on the feature the user loves. which is sharing there scores to the people. this was a simple task but while i was looking into it i found that other than the UI of the screens, the Dev need to focus on the other aspects like what link is showing as image while sharing it on the internet.

Fourth Task: Offers & Listing NFT Marketplace ( Yet to Release )

Fifth Task: Bulk Payment + New Home

This Task was a game changing one as it will be changing the overall look.

The task was to add a upgrade button to the home page and a way to let people know about the new things that are been added to the home page.

The possible solutions wear to add a slider to the home page in a new way. like in a animation.

next thing is to add a upgrade button and little differentiating look than non pro user.

The new things need to be added while creating teams and defining there states. ( Note : Didn't made a Design System ) That is Bulk payment.

Next a different look add to the Leaderboard too so that they have something unique to show to there friends.

Sixth Task: Upgrade to Pro

This Task was add-on to the previous task. That is how the UX will be for the user who clicks on the upgrade screen

I used Gif for the graffiti screen. so that gives a celebration feel to the user.

Seventh Task: Player Info Screen.

Player info was little congested before and needed a different look and a way to show more data.

So design was simple to be implemented, first taking out the main elements out and putting them in a way such that later more data can be added and it sets best with mobile too.

In the process, i well enjoyed the process of creating tool tip.

Eight Task: Create Team Screen

Creating Team is main part of the whole platform, so a redesign of it was important.

After this I left the part-time work at Krida Fans and later took it as a freelance Hourly base. Which i will be updating soon.
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