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Minimal Design's Impact

Updated: Sep 30

In the world of design, simplicity holds immense power. Minimal design, in particular, has the ability to enhance user experience (UX) by providing clarity, reducing distractions, and making interfaces more intuitive. If you're a budding designer, understanding the value of minimal design is a game-changer.

Unlocking Minimal Design's Potential

Minimal design not only looks good but it also serves a vital purpose. It simplifies the user journey, making tasks easier and interactions smoother. Here's how it works, along with some examples of my work.

Creating a Dashboard Top Section "Inspired from Google Sheets"

As here you can see below the Google sheets image that is the first design, it is good but if we apply the google sheets type close and open function like below

low quality but you got the point right 😉

This will help me in giving more space to the screen and Make it nice.

Next is How you manage Chats, which are the most complex things for any product.

Take a example of How Whatsapp does it with Addition of new features too.

Applying this layout for a Concept Design for Referrals.

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