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Work @

I joined Detrix as intern on 1 jan 20221

Turned full time on 13 June 2022

Completed my 1st year by 13 June 2023 + Got Hike of 30%

Continuing my 2nd Year ....

Below is the First Awesome Experience, Th first 30 days.

The real story start after the first month.

My first Project As Intern - Web3 Music Web app Team: Me and Abhishek (Linkedin) Figma link - Coming Soon

My Second Project As FullTime - 1. Detrix networks Main Website Figma Link -

2. Detrix, First Web3 Product MVP "Proteus Wallet" Figma Link - Coming Soon

Team of 5 people. Me and,

1- Ajit, Co-founder - Ideation and Define

2-Chaitanya, Tech head - Implementation 3- Dharun, Web3 Tech - Define and Product Functioning

4- Chandu, Backend. - Concept Help

Website made it to live.

Proteus Wallet, Didn't made to public, Was done for internal testing.

My Third Project - Medical App Ecosystem.

Brand Name: Synclo

Site: (Made by Masthan Sai, Co-founder)

Ecosystem Consists following Products

  1. Queue Management System (QMS), For Doctors to manage patients effectively, Eliminating Front Desk

  2. Patient Check-In, For Users, Making Onboarding Easy.

  3. Patient Experience, For Users, Making overall health care easy to monitor and manage.

  4. Doctor Experience, For HealthCare Professional, Control and Monitor in your palm.

Did a Minor Testing Projects, with Ankura Hospitals.

New team [Dec 2023]

[Jan 30, 2024] Current, working on Design System

More Coming Soon.

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