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0.001% Improvement a Day

Updated: Oct 8

Hi People this blog is about doing small small improvments every day or every week or when ever i come across something to add in. so that some day i will see back how i got improved over time and others can learn.

Sun 8 Oct, 2.06 pm

Hi today, I was going through LinkedIn and found a Interesting site where you can find amazing portfolios. Here is the link -

And from there i found portfolio Sean Kennedy, here is his portfolio -

and Recreated above piece to add in my portfolio to My Story page.

Sat 16 sep, 4.24 pm

Found this above animation on a site, where the user can look the screens at glance and when hovered they can see it turned and there is a CTA from which they can learn about it.

I am thinking to add this on to my portfolio mobile designs and let's see how it turns out

Sunday 24 Sep, 11.23 am

First implementation o above thing to my portfolio but, not on mobile but on Tab. for Synclo.

Page is locked and can be access only through password.

But why so ? Reasone 1 : Most of our time we work on commercial projects than personal projects, so we should be on the safe side to keep the work secure and only share glimpse of it.

Reason 2 : Having a lock to a page gives a positive feedback to the other person who is looking at the work that, there work will also be kept safe and secure.

Here is a glimpse of what i added today. But still it is incomplete, will be trying it to improvise.

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