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Lead Hunter Job

Hi buddy, Welcome to Career page of  YamparalaMedia 


We are looking for a Lead Hunter aka Lead generator for long term

Can also join for short period ( 1- 2 months ) as a Part-time or Intern.


Now about our requirements -


a. A person who have knowledge of using Notion, Gmail and LinkedIn.

b. Should be active for instant communication.

c. For me Client incoming is important, there is no fix timing of reporting or logout, just get the work done.

d. And one last thing, Client pitch or sales is very communication depended skill, so I am looking for a good English speaker as our major market will be outside India.


Now coming to Pay scale,

it depends on the person skills and time period he/she/they want to join with me.

This is Remote only.


a. If want to join as Intern - pay rang is from 5K- 15K.

b. If want to join as Part-time - pay range is from 10K- 20K.

c. If want to join as Full-time - pay range is from 20K - 30K.


Given Above range is Fixed Salary ( there will be bonus and other cool digital stuffs )


Last thing - The Process is very simple, You should have some previous work, to show.


We will have a test client meeting on google meet or zoom to know your communication skills and email writing, if these 2 are good. Welcome to the Team.


So Business Students and other's interested, I am looking forward to meet you and Make you part of our and your own growth.

Interested, send us your best work on our email,

For more information can contact us on WhatsApp or on Email, details given below

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