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Projects Worked on While at Detrix Networks Pte Ltd

Last Updated on 27th July 2023

Ankura Hospitals, Patinets And Doctors App


The application is a secure and user-friendly platform designed for healthcare professionals to easily communicate with one another and stay up-to-date on their patients' care. It allows for real-time messaging, sharing of patient data, and task management. The application streamlines workflows, reducing the potential for errors and improving patient outcomes. Overall, it is an efficient and effective tool for healthcare professionals to collaborate and provide the best possible care for their patients

Proteus Wallet

The application is a user-friendly crypto wallet that provides a clean and easy-to-use interface for users to manage their digital assets. With a unique technology, the application enables seamless and worry-free transactions regardless of the blockchain network being used. It allows users to view their balances, send and receive digital assets, and monitor transaction history in real-time. The application is designed to make cryptocurrency management simple and accessible for everyone, even for those who may not be familiar with the complexities of blockchain technology. Website

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